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Build ecommerce web

The Assignment has been postponed to Sun 16/12/2012

Assignment 1:

Objectives of assignment 1:
1. To know how to get the demo of e-commerce website for your future
2. To know how to use the control panel of Back-end office of your e-business and to get to know HTML
3. To know how to add and manage your pages and product (inventory), change payment methods, shipping and customer registration.
4. To know how to use and navigates "help" to improve you site

What is The assignment 1?
1.      Go to any e-commerce web site provider like shopsite and use their 30-days demo.
2.      Each group build e-business web site.
3.      Add theses elements to your online store: Your store title (1 mark), About Us page (2 mark), customer registration (2 mark), categories (2 mark), products (2 marks), images, paypal (2 mark), customer review (2 mark) and share (2 mark).

How to get the demo:
1. Go to Shopsite web site (, Click "Demo" and choose "Start from Scratch".
2. Click on "Get Your Own ShopSite 10 sp2 Demo Store!" and type your email and click submit. a user name and password will be sent to your email.
3. Open the email to click the link. Enter the user name and password.
4. Shopsite setup wizard will appear. click next
5. Choose " I want to create new store" then click next then next.
6. Enter the store name and description then Add your products, pages (Categories), taxes, payment types, shippings, themes layout and click "Publish"
7. Enjoy with shopsite back-end office

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